An expression
of character

Unique village estate wines

Elvillar, Rioja Alavesa


A given name to an area due to various factors; soil composition, sun exposure, behavior of the vines, and history of the zone.

Vendimia años 60

“There is something enchanting in each area. My role is to disseminate this magic through my wines”

David Sampedro

David Sampedro

Classification with purpose

Local knowledge, history, location and religion has influenced the region and its vineyards. As you walk through the old vineyards planted in the area, the knowledge of our ancestors is obvious. Everything from type of vines to orientation was thoughtfully executed.

Casa en el villar

Areas where we have vineyards

Our vineyards are located in some of the finest viticultural areas in Elvillar. La Revilla, Terreras, Las Naves, Santa Agueda, Valmayor, Tajo, La Ceposilla, Renana, San Julian.

Vineyards are living organisms. The indiscriminate use of chemicals kills the natural elements that are beneficial for the land.