Singular vineyards,
Provocative expression

Unique single vineyards wines

Elvillar, Rioja Alavesa


Due to the diverse landscape of Elvillar, David wanted to showcase a number of vineyards he feels are truly unique and expressive.

Vendimia años 60

“Minimal intervention allows the land to speak for itself”

David Sampedro

David Sampedro

Biodynamic, estate vineyards with personality

A selection of estate vineyards organically farmed following Biodynamic tenets. Horses work the soil to offer the utmost respect for these nonpareil vineyards that produce artisanal wines, which lend a mark of great care and personal creativity as evidenced by the foot-stomping of the grapes.

Casa en el villar

Wines that speak for themselves

Inside each subzone, you can find vineyards that have something special. Once vinified, they aspire to communicate their geographic, temporal, historic and cultural origin: the soil, the surroundings where the grapes were grown, sun exposure and microclimate for each vineyard in order to caputre of fragrance of flowers, minerals, dew and the vines natural surroundings.

When you witness horses working in the vineyards, it’s transforming… you truly feel in the moment.